Swag is a must for Pottahawk. Showing up without swag is like going to a Halloween party without a costume. Don’t be a party-pooper and swag up!


pottahawk-tank-tops-20141. Pottahawk Tanks


Get yours near the event selling road-side on the main land from locals.









Neack Beads

2. Neck Beads

This Hammer Head’s got it right. Neck beads are the staple of Pottahawk, and even a newbie wouldn’t be caught dead without beads. More beads = more fun, pure and simple.  There are three options to get beads. From cheapest to most expensive, buy them online (this site looks good), check out a dollar store, or trade your first born at the docks.






Waterproof Phone Cases

3. Waterproof Phone Case

Waterproof cases are $10+ bucks online. Get it or lose it.










Water gun

4. Water Guns

Another fun Pottahawk item, the dreaded super-powered water gun. These work great and can be found online here for $8.30 US. Alternatively, there’s many how-to resources online if you decide to make one yourself.








Floating cooler

5. Floating Drink Cooler

Pottahawk is notorious for driving the creative development of alcohol related floatation devices. From hacked surfboards to small dinghys, alcohol transportation is a serious issue. Carring around your load may seem like a daunghting task, but it’ll save you valuable party time in the end. Checkout these awesome foating fun coolers from ToySplash.





6. Games

What’s better than Beer Pong? Beer pong in the water! You’re guaranteed to see dozens of these at Pottahawk this year. Purchase your floating pong table from Port-O-Pong for $50 bucks.