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Jobbie Nooner – Friday, June 23th

Jobbie Nooner, the “Mardi Gras of the Midwest”, is the ultimate annual Summer festival. Around 100,000+ people attend Jobbie Nooner every year.

jobbie2013-640x480Jobbie Nooner is centered around tiny Gull Island at the mouth of the South Channel in Lake St. Clair. Several rings of boats line up in circles around the island. The water is shallow enough that you can walk around in it and you can walk on the island, what’s left of it.

The party starts at 6am. You want to get there as early as possible to get a good spot! We say that “prime time” is from 11am-4pm. Every year we find that 4pm is “testosterone hour”. The drinks take hold by this time, people’s untethered boats start drifting into the channel, etc. Many people pack up and leave by 6pm.

Gull Island is only accessible by boat. There is no other way to get to Jobbie Nooner, you must have a boat. The majority of people launch their boats from Lake St. Clair Metropark (Harrison Township, Michigan) and head 5-miles out to Gull Island in Lake St. Clair. If you are one of these people, remember, you legally must be at least one-mile offshore before your boat does 55mph. To reach Gull Island, make sure you have a GPS device unless you really know your way around. The latitude and longitude coordinates for Gull Island are 42.53037,-82.680509.

Canadian’s who want to come to Jobbie Nooner:

If coming from Canada, you need a passport and you need to get an i-68 form from Canadian Border Patrol. You’ll need to bring 3 passport photos to the port of entry (Port Huron, Michigan) and pay $16.00 USD.

Then once you get to Jobbie Nooner, you must call their number for clearance. Everyone onboard your boat must have an i-68 or a Nexus card. The i68 is good for 13 months.

Jobbie’s Raft-Off – Saturday, August 12th

The World’s Longest Raft-Off. 60,000-100,000 people.

raftoffBoats line up side by side and tie-off together, forming an arena called “The Gauntlet” in shallow water where people can walk around or cruise around on floats in.

The Gauntlet stretches for about 2-miles long.

  • Time: 6am – 6pm