Boat Safety

We strongly encourage people to abide by this advice.

  • Come early – boats line up as early as 6am to launch.
  • Make sure you appoint a designated driver (with their boating license with them, and won’t be drinking).
  • Establish a meetup time and spot.
  • No open alcohol in the boat.
  • Check the weather before leaving, and plan accordingly.
  • Conduct a check of your boat before you leave to make sure you have all required safety equipment.
  • Have some type of mobile communication device (E.g. VHF radio, phone, messenger bird), and a charger.
  • Wear a life-jacket at all times while boating.
  • Avoid picking up hitchhikers.
  • Don’t swim back to Turkey point, you will drowned! It’s reported that six people almost drowned in 2008.